Friday, February 20, 2009

Yep, its true. A post from Debbie-Jo

So I know its been a while since I've written anything of worth here. Here it is. A boring update. I really feel like there's something special I need to be writing about, but I can't think of anything cool that has happened recently.

I'm in the midst of re-organizing my house. We threw out our kitchen table, as it was only used as a flat surface to collect crap on anyways. And we put up bar stools to our kitchen nook to be used a the kitchen table. So now I'm finding "homes" for all the crap that was on our old kitchen table. Blah! I know I'll feel liberated after all this stuff is done. I would love a clean, functional house. One that is going to be easy clean, less clutter, etc.

I'll be going to a "wrap party" tomorrow that my cousin is putting on. They are detox wraps and I'm looking forward for some girly fun! Anyone wanna come?

I've decided to take online lessons for the piano. I found a free website that has sweet real-time videos that you can watch. I'm totally up for free at this point! I'm really looking forward to learning how to play it! We got an electric piano for Christmas, and so far, haven't put it to the best use yet. I'd really like to be able to play soon. So we'll see what practice and the future bring.

My grandmother is still fighting her lung cancer. For some reason, the family is keeping things sorta secretive about it. I want to spend as much time with her as I can. I wish I lived in Cardston so I can learn all I can about her. Learn as many yummy recipes as I can while she's here. I'm sure I'll be making a trip down there next week for some grandma time. I just love that woman, and I hope I am someone she can be proud of as well.


TMI warning


I've been a nursing mother for almost 9 months now for my son Lliam. Its been a rewarding experience. I loved cuddling up to him, and bringing him close to me. For some reason, after I came back from BC, things changed. Lets just say the well went dry. Without me even realizing it, my bonding time with Lliam was taken away. He had dry diapers (except for the poops) for a week. I no longer felt the "let downs" that nursing mothers have. I figured out, I was no longer producing milk. As sad as I was about it, the kid still needed to be drinking. I went out and bought a $31 can of formula. SERIOUSLY!!! $31!!!
Gimme a break. I was producing the stuff for free!!! was healthier for me AND him!! I was burning 500 cal. a day making the good stuff....and now I've just made myself more upset over it. ARGH. In all honesty, 9 months is a long time to have nursed for a first time nursing mom. I can now take the good drugs! HAHA I can take cold meds! I can drink caffeine!!! um...I can go jogging without making a milkshake of myself! HAHA I went to Costco, and found that their infant formula was INFINITELY better than the $31 stuff. Kirkland Signature brand was only $18, and exceeded my expectations.
Nutrition wise, it has more of the good stuff from the "other brand" and less of the bad stuff. Such a way better deal in a can that is twice the size! Good deals over all!

End of TMI rant.

And with that....adieu.

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