Sunday, April 5, 2009

My week-long project

I can't believe this time has actually come! I have finished a project! For those of you who don't know this about me, I love to start projects, but I don't finish them. Lately, I've gotten used to doing projects and doing ONLY that until its finished. I ignore chores, cleaning, children (Oh wait, I shouldn't admit that) until the project is completed!

A few months ago I crocheted a blanket for Lliam. Its brown and black camo, and so adorable. I don't have pics of it...I'm lazy. The blanket is looking at me right now, but I've already uploaded all my pics for this post, so THERE BLANKET!

Last Saturday I bought some fabric to do a rag quilt. I've always wanted to try doing one. I'm not a quilter by any stretch of the word, but I do enjoy a good craft. Especially if it enhances the appearance of my house for really cheap. I'm not a great sew-er either. So this project was going to take some real dedication and patience. Bwaa haa! (Evil laugh)

The Idea:

The Machine:

The final Product:

So there you have it. Now I'm giving it away to my grandmother who is in hospital fighting lung cancer.

The kids are growing up fast. Here is Mr. Lliam at 10 months.

This is Anthony before his first day of swimming lessons. He loves it, and I've booked him in for the next session!

Mmmm, I gotta go...I'm grilling steaks on the Q, and it smells frickin' awesome!!!


Jessie said...

Quilting? That's pretty adventurous. I would be terrified to try. A group of neighbors are grilling up burgers as I type this and I want to steal one, they smell so good.

Debbie Jo said...

:) I'd like to say I'm an adventurous woman, but quilting? HAHA, I'm such an old Relief Society lady now! HAHA, oh look at me, I sewed a blanket in record time, 36 hours!!!

Those steaks were amazing! Bacon wrapped peppercorn sirloins from Costco...**drool** Go be a great neighbor and ask if you can have one next time if you bring the salad! :)

I was a little worried that you didn't like the You tube video, glad you almost peed yourself. It was pretty random and weird!

Debbi said...

cute blankie!!!

Debbie Jo said...

Thanks Debbi - I am going to make one exactly like it just for me. But I don't think I'll attempt it for a while...that really pooped me out, and the poor kids were entertaining themselves for far too long.

Naomi said...

Your rag quilt turned out great! Love the colors. Grandma Jensen is going to love it. I hope she is doing well. Let her know that I'm thinking about her.