Saturday, April 11, 2009

A little Easter Walk

It was a gorgeous day today. I just love the beginnings of spring! Its funny how warm 15 degrees above zero feels! I decided to take the family on a walk/hike in Nose Hill Park. My sister (Katherine) and her husband (Zed) called from Lethbridge saying they want to hang out today. So I waited for my other brother (Lance) to get home from work, then we all jumped in our vehicles and headed to Nose Hill. We put Anthony in the jogging stroller, and I strapped Lliam on my back for the first little bit. Uncle Lance wore him for the rest of the hike.

Here is Lance wearing my baby.

Here is a pic of Zed.

And Katherine...

of Katherine and her husband together...

of Me and Katherine...

This is of my sweetie.

any similarities to this "I AM smiling" character?

Yeah, its so hard to get him to smile for photos. Did the US military forever taint my husband's ability to smile for the camera forever and ever?

NOPE! There you have it. Proof my husband CAN smile for the camera. Er....yeah.

And...that's the "end" of the story.


Life as a Kenessey said...

WOW...I can't believe how the "Jensen" Kids have guys look great...It poured here no walk for us... HAPPY EASTER!!!

Weez's Daily Zoo said...

i love the eagle pic. haha. jos....cracks me up.