Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 year itch?! Its all good!!

Well as some of you may have heard from my facebook statuses, that this weekend was Jos and I's 7 year wedding anniversary. We take turns at who is in charge of planning the anniversary date. This year it was Jos' turn. We think. All I knew from the beginning was he wanted $XXX transfered to our visa card. Now, as the suspicious person as I am, I began to piece things together. You know, when you see something out of the ordinary, its assumed that its part of this mystery weekend...

Example :

"Jos, where are my new jeans?"

"I dunno, maybe the wash...?"

"Jos! They aren't there. I've looked everywhere, and I want to wear them today. They were JUST in our room 10 mintues ago!"

"Well, I don't know where they are."

That kind of stuff definately strikes me as "something is UP!"

Example #2:

"Debbie Jo, do think we'll be using this suitcase any time soon? So I should put it downstairs by the laundry then? Okay."

Also triggers that...um...Sherlock Holmes in me.

I truly love to be surprised, but its so hard to NOT FIND OUT.

So I figured we were definately going somewhere for the weekend, its just a matter of where. So I let THAT be the surprise.

The plan was put into action.


10am - have a shower, get ready for the day

11am - call sister and giggle for an hour and plan the summer activities

12pm - feed lunch to the kids, bathe them and dress them

1pm - work out in the garden for a bit. I'm digging up my gravel pit backyard and turning a portion of it into garden space for a cute veggie garden. Its hard work.

2pm - relax for a bit

3pm - Watch You Tube, blog, stalk other people's blogs, play scrabble on Facebook.

4pm - continuing to waste time on Facebook

5pm - get the kids ready to pick up my step sister at the airport and take her to the Ranch in Nanton.

6:30pm - arrive at the ranch, where no one was home yet. Let the kids play around the house, and another car pulls up. It was OUR other car. Lance (my little bro) was driving it. He had it full of suitcases and supplies for the kids.

6:45pm - the cat is out of the bag, that the kids are staying at the Ranch, and Jos and I are continuing our drive down to Waterton for our weekend getaway.

7:15pm - we get in the car, and start our scenic drive down to Waterton. I decided not to take the boring Hwy 2 drive down there, but instead, we jotted over to Hwy 22 and took the back way (Paralleling the Rockies) all the way down. It was a 1/2 hr longer that route, but far more scenic.

8:30pm - we take a wrong turn at Pincher Creek. We back track 5 mintues and continue on in the right direction

8:45pm - We slam on the brakes for some wildlife on the road.

8:50pm - We slam on the brakes for some wildlife on the road.

8:55pm- We slam on the brakes for some wildlife onthe road.

9:00pm - We slam on the brakes for some wildlife on the road.

9:15pm - We arrive in Waterton National Park.

9:16pm -We slam on the brakes for some wildlife on the road.

9:20pm - We arrive at the Glacier Suites in Waterton.

10:00pm - FALL ASLEEP! - its been a long day.


8:00am - we head down to the lobby for some complimentary breakfast. It was so yummy, but I do not recommend getting the "Beef sausages" if you enjoy eating things that resemble a small horses parts, go right ahead. Other than that, it was fabulous.

9:00am - Start our brisk walk around Waterton Lake. The wind nearly blew us over! It was warm (15 C) but the wind was so crazy! We weren't prepared for that kind of wind. My ears were starting to ache.

9:15am - decide to drive into Cardston to gas up, pick up a few things we needed for the hotel. Things that were forgotten when men pack secretly for women. Like hairbrushes!!

10:00am - surprise mom at her work, and visited for a bit. She was so happy to see me. We had some good times. Did you know that "Yesterbay" sounds a lot like "masterbate" in pig latin? Yeah, who knew!

10:45am - Go to the only store open in Cardston on a sunday. Find some more treats and conditioner (because only a few hotels actually supply it in their complimentary soap dish)

11:00am - take the relaxing drive back to the Park, and stop at every For sale sign to check out properties.

11:45am - Arrive at the park, and make our reservation for dinner.

12:30pm - Drive up a mountain road and plan to go on a hike.

12:59pm - Realize that EVERY trail is packed with snow. Not fun.

1:05pm - eat our picnic lunch on the way down the mountain.

1:30pm - Decide to finish our walk around the lake. It was SO WINDY, but I was prepared this time with a toque. MUCH BETTER.

2:30pm - Stop to look at the falls that everyone that goes to the park gets their photo taken at...you know where I am talking about.

2:45pm - get back to the hotel and take a nap. Watch a movie.

5:00pm - Oh this is getting pretty fun without KIDS!!

6:30pm - arrive at the restaraunt for dinner.

7:00pm - order our steaks, and watch the Canucks game.

- WE WON!! 3 games in a row!! GO CANCUCKS

8:00pm - start filling the jacuzzi tub, and turned the TV in its direction. We turned on Mamma Mia! It was such a fun show, that I didn't realize I was still sitting in a luke-warm tub.

10:00pm - bed time.


8:00am - go down to the lobby, and order something different this time.
French toast it is.
It was ok...Reminder to chefs out there...French toast it to be made with Texas Toast...not end pieces of regular bread.
tsk tsk tsk...still yummy though.

10:00am - check out, and head back to Cardston to give back the borrowed
toque from my mom. Stop by her other work at the Flower shop. Mom looked
busy. I offered my help.

10:30-12:20pm - I helped mom do floral arrangements, vases, and other
chores around the shop. I sure miss those days of owning one. Said goodbye,
and started back home.

1:30pm - stopped in Fort McLeod for some subway...Drive thru SUBWAY!!!
No kidding!!

3:30pm - arrive at the Ranch. Saw the kid...wait...Kid?!
Where is my other one. Anthony was the only one I saw!
He was soaking wet from playing with the garden hose,
and begged to stay with Grandpa at the ranch. Where
was Lliam? He went to WORK with Nana Wendy! Yeah!
To work! So we had to wait until she got home from work
to be able to leave with the kids. Not that that was a bad idea.

5:30pm - fired up the BBQ for some costco steak!
Oh geez, steak 2 days in a row?! Yes please!

7:30pm - realize that its still 20C outside, and take the
horses out for a ride. The sunset was beautiful, and there
was no wind, and it was just perfect.

9:00pm - drive home back to Calgary, and sleep!!!

This weekend seemed jam-packed because it WAS.
I wouldn't trade it for the world. I spent 2 amazing
days with my sweetie, and 100% was perfect.
No kidding. Perfect. There were no awkward
moments, frustrating moments. Just relaxing and

Thanks Jos for such a wonderful weekend.
I'm going to have a hard time, when its my turn next
year, to top this!

I love ya babe.

P.S. I have no idea why blogger is not fixing my size of my type. This is crazy! Sorry about that.


Jessie said...

Sounds like a fun anniversary! We're going to Waterton this summer and I can't wait. Though we probably won't be staying in a suite with a jacuzzi and fireplace...

Debbi said...

How awesome! Good job, Jos!

Carla said...

Thanks for the play by play. What a nice weekend and way to spend your anniversary.

Maja said...

What an amazing weekend. I am TOTALLY telling Paul about you guys taking turns planning... love THAT! Sounds like you had an amazing time and it made me really miss the mountains...

Debbie Jo said...

It was really awesome. I didn't want to do ANYTHING when I got home.

Naomi said...

Sounds like you two had a great time. Geez, I can't remember the last time I've been to Waterton. Has it changed much?