Friday, June 6, 2008

Ahhhh, now that's better

OK OK I have had some serious cabin fever this week. Yesterday was the first time I stepped ou of my house since SUNDAY! I know its my fault, but it was so nice to get out and let Anthony run amok at VSLC jungle gym with a girlfriend and her 2 boys. We went over to her place to veg a bit, and let the boys continue to play. Anthony missed his nap, and was a tired boy when we got home, but managed to stay awake until his bedtime.

At his bedtime is when I leave the house on thursdays for 8GV night. Let me tell you, how refreshing it was to sit and gab, laugh, and get to know these girls better each and every time I see them. I absolutely love this group of girls. We aren't the most reverent of bunch, but I think that's what makes us so unique.

There was a part in our dirty discussions where I actually felt a strong bond. I'm not going to get too much into it, but I sincerely felt like a stronger bond with all of us. I surely appreciated Cyndi making it out, eventhough she was dead tired. I love it when Elise makes it out to these nights. Its such a long drive for her, and I super appreciate when she makes it out. She's a hoot!

I got home at about 2:20am, and my long night started. Lliam just wanted to eat and eat and eat. Then poop poop poop, and then I was able to doze off for an hour before it starts up again.

Ok I'm tired.

Argh, I wish I had a nap time.


Louise said...

I don't know what 8GV night is but it sounds fun. Wish I had a girls night out *sigh. MOVE DOWN HERE!! Oh wait, then you'd miss your other friends.

hiloui said...

8GV is our girls night out we have on thursday nights. We normally meet at someone's house and gab all night. We make yummy snacks and just laugh. 8gv stands for 8 gothic vaginas. I wish you lived here so you could try it out.

Debbi said...

we are tooo reverent! ROFLMBO!! okay, so maybe not, but we CAN be, if we want to be! Love ya.

hiloui said...

I'd perfer the irrevereant version....far more entertaining!!!!