Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer has begun!

Well I can truly feel summer starting. The weather is heating up, my lawn needs mowing (Ok Debbi, my lawn really does need mowing, and not the double entendre kind), I bought my bottle of bubbles for blowing, made camping plans for next month, have gone hiking, and kite flying already. I love summer. I love the long nights, the time you spend with family, and most of all the outdoor activities you can finally do.

In Calgary, the weather is good for about 3 months of the year, so I feel that I must get all my fun stuff done during those 3 months. I love the outdoors, but not enough to find things to do during the winter months at -22 degrees!

My summertime faves:




Family Reunions

Softball Tournaments

To name a few. I love the family time, and the sun tans, and the lemonade, and the pictures from wild and crazy nights.

Just the other day I went to Nose hill Park to fly a few kites with my Sister-In-law Theresa, and her kids. I really wanted to do something fun, and outdoors, and had no one to hang out with. So I called her up, and was thrilled to hang out with each other. Her kids, were delighted to see Anthony as well. After some minor setbacks, we finally hooked up and started our walk deep into the park for some prime Kite-flying spots. Lets just say that 3 Jensen kids, and 2 Willard kids, do not mix when it comes to kite-flying. What a disaster. We really needed an another adult there to help out with the launching of the kites. We had tangled strings, lost items, and frankly, we couldn't get the friggin' kites in the air long enough to have fun with them. So we started on back to the cars. On the path back, we ran into Kelsie B. I just love that girl, what a cutie patootie. It was nice to be get back home and relax, and count my bug bites and check out my farmer burn.

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what double entendre??? ;P