Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are my ladies just unlucky?

OK, so I've decided that my boobs are unlucky. That's right, unlucky, folks! My last post (oh my, I can't believe is pressed "publish post" on that one) told of the icky story of the "clogged milk duct". I've done research on how to NEVER have this happen again. One of them being, change your bra from an underwire to a non-wire bra. OK, I was wearing a non-wire one before, and found that the underwire was much more comfortable to wear (not to nurse with mind you) but wearing was great. Now my udder side (haha yes, I made a pun - Geeez!) is now blocked. Not as bad as my last one, but sheeesh, can a woman finally have a break? I find myself nipping this one in the bud, and making all preparations to heal this one up as fast as I can. That last one, made me quite sick. Like I've had a cold now for 4 days, with a wicked cough and sore throat. Gah!

I hate health issues with me. I'm normally a healthy woman, no problems. This is driving me nuts. This heat in my house is driving me nuts as well. I love the warm weather, but not in my house. It takes until 3am to cool off in my upstairs bedroom. Ah, C'est La vie right?

Jos and I went to a Canada Loyal BBQ last night in Airdrie. What a pretty town that is. I was quite surprised it was so lush, and full of trees! Not at all what I expected. The BBQ with the mosquitos was a hoot! It was BYOB (bring your own beef) and I bought 2 baseball cut steaks for me and Jos to eat. HOLY SMOKES, those things are HUUUUGE. Compare to a small roast beef for each of us!

I'm now at home, not at church where I should be, if I was feeling good. I should have gone, at least the church has A/C.

Next week is Lliam's baby blessing! Very much looking forward to it! Weeeeee.

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