Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rain, rain go away!!!

I am so sick of this gloomy rain. I left the west coast in search of some prairie sunshine. This is ridiculous! Now, I'm all supporting our ranchers and farmers that need the rain for their crops to grow, but they also need some sunshine. I feel so trapped in my own home. I know that there are places that I can go indoors to curb my cabin-fever, but in reality, it costs money. Even gas money to get somewhere is something I need to consider. So sucky.

Thank goodness Jos invested in a Wii, because that has been my crutch these last few days. Anthony has thoroughly enjoyed kicking my hind parts at sports. He's just starting out, and doing very well. I like this console, because it still allows you to be active. Maybe I should invest in a Wii Fit. Those sound pretty nifty.

Sometimes I wish that 8GV night was every night, not just thursdays, just so that I can vent, get out, and laugh again. I'm not depressed or anything...just lonely. I'm so used to going to an office full of colleagues, and friends that this is such a different world for me. I feel like I'm always on the phone, calling random people just so I can have some adult conversation. I love my boys and I cherish the time I have at home....its just...I'm a little bored at times. My daily routine isn't the "funnest" yet.

Lliam is too young and little to fit in my jogging stroller, and besides, its rainy outside anyway. I can't wait for some sunshine. I'm dying to get out to Heritage Park. That is Anthony and I's favorite spot to be in. Season pass, here I come.

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