Sunday, July 20, 2008

2nd Annual Grammy's have now come and gone!

Lemme 'splain. Grammy's is the family reunion my mother started last year. Its just for her kids, and grandkids. WAY FUN. We went to Park Lake last year, and this year we went to Little Bow Park. The sisters had a ton of fun planning the crafts, activities and food for the family. I went by myself with my boys, as Jos had to work this weekend. I was so worried about how Lliam would be while camping. I arrived with 3 blocked milk ducts and a barfy Lliam. I "fixed" my issue, and Lliam didn't get sick anymore. He slept through the night even! The weather was pretty windy and stormy. It really felt like a tornado just ripped through the campsite. It was so great to have fun with my brothers and sisters.

We had a treasure hunt, crafts for the kids, and lots of card playing. A new game I tried was quite fun...Dutch Blitz. I drove back to Calgary Sunday, July 20th. And its great to be at home.

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Debbi said...

LOVE THE HAT, mon soeur!!!