Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I hate Moving!

Since Jos and I have been together he and I together have moved to 11 different places! So I hate hate hate moving! My father decided that since he was paying for his place already just east of Nanton, that he might as well move in. That would be a great idea, if he was actually packed and organized. I do realize that his house has been poop-ified by the sewage back up in his basement, so most of that stuff was either thrown out, or boxed up already. It was his hideous garage, and junk, and more junk! He's a horder! If there was any use for it AT ALL, he'd keep it. Even if he could find a way to use it 5 years from now, he'd keep it! So needless to say, he's kept a lot of crap, and a lot of crap it was. So on Saturday I volunteered to help him move (No one else was helping from our family, and dad didn't ASK for any help, he's just not that kind of guy. He expects us to help without having to ask) It was aweful! Nothing was ready to go, I was chasing around AJ in an empty house, and I had to nurse Lliam every 2 hours while there, so I wasn't much help. I called on Jos to drive out to the ranch. He showed up with 4 pizzas...it was 8pm and no one had thought of food! So it was a great rejuvinator! Dad's new place has 60 acres just east of Nanton, and the house is GORGEOUS! It will be a great place to hang out again when we need a weekend away from the city. We finished unloading the 5ton truck at 11pm, and then proceeded to drive home to Calgary. It was such a long drive when I was so tired. I almost fell asleep about 6 times!

I went to Stampede on friday and sunday with my girlfriend from Surrey, Lori Conyers.

It was a nice visit from her, and I was glad to see her. They stayed at this fancy shmancy hotel downtown called the Hotel Arts. It was SOOOO nice, and I had my first valet parking experience. Dude, I had no cash on me to tip these guys, and now I feel like a schmuck! I have never been treated like royalty since my wedding day and honeymoon, so this was a welcomed treat! Stampede was nothing really to write home about, I just wasn't into it this year.

I went to the home show, and DIDN'T buy a thing! Jos should be proud! LOL I came home with a $140 iron last year!

I spent the morning and a little bit of the afternoon spending time with my friend Louise. We just needed to let the kids run amok at the McDonald's playground. It was a good idea at first, then there was about 15 other kids screaming at the top of their lungs at the same time. We had whiney babies that needed to nurse, so we just drove over to McKenzie Lake and let the kids play at the playground outside. A much better idea. They played for about 2 hours before Louise had to head back to Magrath.

I also went and helped out again with the move at my Dad's last night. Maybe Wendy (step mom) has things a little more organized this time 'round. NOT A CHANCE. We drove out to the ranch, and no one was to be seen. They were still at the Stavely house, packing and putting things into the truck. AJ, Lliam and I were prepared and decided to stay behind all alone at the ranch. I had a DVD player, some bubbles, and I could just breastfeed Lliam, we had just finished eating, so I knew we were going to be fine for a couple hours. Just as I was setting up our "spot" at the house, AJ dropped a whole bottle of water on the DVD player, and it fizzed out! No more DVD player, our major source of entertainment for both of us. The house was still EMPTY, not even any furniture to sit on! So we started opening up boxes downstairs to find things to entertain ourselves with. We found towels, and some Toilet paper! at least we could wipe our rear ends when we used the bathroom. So I put AJ and Lliam in the tub. We blew bubbles, and scrubbed the gunk off their bodies. It was really hard to enterain a 4 yr old for 2-1/2 hours in an empty house. I really didn't think that the truck would take that long to get packed up and drive out there. So I found more boxes of stuff...books, pencils and doodle pads. Ok, now at least AJ would be entertained.

At about 9:30 the truck showed up, and the unloading began. Thank goodness Jos and Bryan came out to help, we never could have got it done without them! Thanks guys!! We finally finished at about 11pm and we started the drive back to Calgary. Long day, long night...I'm tired.

Sorry for my long and boring post, I just haven't updated in a while.


Debbi said...

Yah, you've been 'too good' to blog or what!? ;) Having a new baby changes priorities, it's all good. And sounds like moving others is NO MORE FUN than moving yourselves! yuck. Thanks for not asking me to help! lol

Jessie said...

I HATE moving. And I hate helping other people move, too. Is that bad?

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your comment on my blog! I just now realized that I never did. I'm glad you stopped by and were entertained!