Monday, July 7, 2008

6 week follow up appt...

Today was my 6 week follow up appointment w/ my OB/GYN and he's given me a clean bill of way-to-squish-out-a-baby-and-recover health. He knows nothing of "booby" issues, only vajayjay issues, so he can't help me with WHY I am still in pain w/ my ladies?!! (aka breasts) ARGH!!! I'm off my antibiotics, I'm still using the topical cream and still NO SIGNS of getting BETTER!!! I need some voodoo help or something.

Last week was a little busy, hence my lack of blogging regularly. My mother came into town on saturday. We had a great time going for sushi, chasing Anthony around the mall, shopping for some clothes for her etc. This week is going to be even more crazy. I have my girlfriend from Surrey coming into town for Stampede, and so I am thrilled to have her come and visit!

Lliam was blessed at the church yesterday, and it went great. Jos did a very good job, and it was memorable. I had some family there. Not all could make it though :( We had my father and his wife, Wendy. My brother Lance, step sister Kaitlyn, My mom, and my brother Doug (who didn't take more than 10 steps into the chapel, and stood in the back) We had a family dinner afterwards. I made a slooooow sloooow cooked roast beef w/ all the fixin's. So yummy. I love the leftovers for the next day as well.

I'm sorry to report, not one picture was taken of the Blessing, or any of the day. Argh.

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