Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poor Poor Lliam

Yesterday was sort of a rough day for the family. It was time for Lliam to see the doctor for his circumsicion. Its not a very pleasant thing for any mom to witness. I know all moms have different opinions when it comes to this procedure. I believe this option is far more clean, and for something that looks kind of ugly already, why not clean it up a bit? So I opt to have it done for my sons.

Anywho, before I get any further into a heated topic, the docs visit was bitter sweet of course. He was totally numb, but his hysterics were from being tied down to the table while he was being "taken care of" by Dr. Cenaiko. He's healing up just fine, its just so gross for me to handle all the yucky business right now. I'm squeemish of blood and oozy this is not fun. It will all be over soon.

Canada Day, wasn't all that celebratory for our family. We didn't attend any parade, watch fireworks, or go to a BBQ, or anything. We went for a great walk in Nose Hill, and it was such a great time to spend with my boys. In that 1-1/2 hr walk, I decided to join an urban hiking club here in Calgary. WAY FUN!!!

For other members of my family Canada Day was not all that great either. My sister, Katherine and her husband Zed drove through a puddle during the Lethbridge downpour, and flooded their engine in their car, and blew it up!

AND my father's basement bathroom had a complete sewer back up. No one wants poo, and other neighbors' poo in their house at the best of times, but here's the kicker...they were almost packed up for their move to another house, and all their belongings were downstairs where the back up happened. Now all their belongings that were in boxes smell like POO!!! ARGH, I feel so bad for them.

As for my own health issues, it feels like its a slow recovery. I just wish the antibiotics were kicking in faster, and that my issue was cleared up. I'm still feeling pain. Not fun.

I'm really looking forward to 8GV night tonight. Its been almost 2 weeks since I've hung out with any of them, so this will be a welcome treat! Bonfire, and favorite!!!

Lliams baby blessing is this sunday. I'm hosting a family dinner at my house, and I'm really looking forward to it. This week and next week are going to be crazy busy with vistors, stuff, appointments etc. AHHH, its crazy!

Here is an updated photo of Lliam.


Debbi said...

Dr Cenaiko was the guy who took care of Jeremy's jaundice-- nice guy, hey?

Tara said...

Dr Cenaiko is my OBGYN he's delivered both my kids and i am really glad that I had him for Michaela. He's the best there is that's for sure. I have him this time around too so all my kids will have been delivered by the same doctor.

i am totally in agreeance with you about circumcision. Lolo had it done and he had no problem with it. I had to get it done by a different dr as Cenaiko was too busy. But yeah the after clean up things are gross but totally worth it that's for sure. Makes it look nice and clean and sanitary cuz we all know that boys need help in that area. I am glad that he is feeling better tho.

Becka. said...

Hey! Thanks for reading my blog. I'm back at my old SEe you soon!