Friday, June 12, 2009

Firefighters in Kindergarten

Yesterday was a highly entertaining day.

Anthony is on his 2nd round of swimming lessons. Its very basic st uff. Can you put your whole head in the water, blow bubbles, etc. Anthony is such a small kid, that the other kids in his class tower over him. He is still wearing his swimming trunks from when he was one year old! No kidding. I helped him get over a few trust issues with his instructor, so hopefully by next class he'll be able to jump in to the pool while holding the really really cute 16-yr old instructor's hands. Tee hee....he is the only kid that makes lip rings look hawt! ok, moving on....

We got home, I made a snack and then we were on our way to Anthony's orientation for Kindergarten. He's so excited! I'm so excited.

I've been preparing him for 2 years for Kindergarten. We practice letters, numbers, colors, shapes, adding, subtracting, and reading 3-4 letter words. He's a pretty smart kid. The teachers were so warm and welcoming. I got to know some of the other parents, and it seems to be a very exciting year ahead. While we were enjoying our tour of the school, the fire alarm goes off. Judging the look on the teachers faces, this was not a planned fire drill. PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING PEOPLE!! Seriously, everyone just stood there. Once the parents and children realized it wasn't a drill (which you should still get your hind parts out of the building anyway) we were all piling out the front doors and onto the lawn outside.

On our way down the hall, we noticed a single mom yelling at her two kids, while the fire alarm switch was pulled ALL THE WAY DOWN. Now that's going to suck to get that $500 from the fire department. It was very exciting for Anthony to hear the sirens in the distance get louder and louder, and when they pulled up and jumped out, ready for an emergency, my heart lept.

I don't know why, but I tear up whenever I witness something with Anthony for his first time! Like seeing a steam engine for the first time at Heritage Park, or driving downtown to see the skyscrapers. My heart just skips a beat. The firemen stormed the building and found that there was no danger, that it was just a "woopsies", we were able to get on with our night.

It was pushing 8:30pm before we ever got out of there. It was a long night, but it was perfect. Anthony just can't wait to start school. I think he'll do very well, and its a new and fun chapter he gets to start in just 10 weeks!

Today, we went for a great bike ride. I've been trying to teach him how to ride a bike for 2 years. Its been a long process. But he's now getting it! YAY. Here is a funny/boring/embarassing video of our "test"

We were supposed to ride to the park and back to the house WITHOUT stopping, or he wouldn't get his toy he picked out from Walmart (A sponge-bob square pants lego set....Don't ask, we don't even watch the show!)


Marci said...

Haha!! Way to go AJ!!! :)

Debbi said...


what post? You said something?

I was too busy looking at the firefighter picture. I THINK you said something about tearing up-- yah, I teared up at something that beautiful too! lol

Weez's Daily Zoo said...

um....i think i'm going to convince my kids to pull a fire alarm if a firefighter like THAT will show up...hehhee