Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying new things out.

So lately, I've been trying a few things out. It has been snowy and cold up here in Calgary this past week, so I've had to resort to youtube for entertainment. While I was getting my daily dose of laughter and learning how to stuff sausage by hand, I came across "how to bake bread using your food storage" and "how to make your own pasta" videos. Oh boy....!!!

I made a few purchases from good ol' Ebay for a few of my experiments. I bought the food grinder attachment
for the Kitchen-Aid Mixer, and while I was at it, I might as well buy the pasta press attachment
for the food grinder.
What a good investment!! I did some research about how to do use some of this stuff. Look out for my very own "how to video on youtube...'How to make your own pasta with the pasta press attachemnt" there wasn't one at all on youtube, and that place has everything!!! The dinner was super easy to make, it was like $2.00 in ingredients, and it was so fun! Do you remember those playdough sets, you squish the dough out through some presses, and it looks like funny hair or pasta?
Yep, that's pretty much how it looked, as it was coming out of the press. So fun, and filling, and so good. It tastes much better than dried pasta from the store.

I have also been spending my time over at my favorite food storage site and learned how to make home made bread that tastes like store bought bread! woah!

Check out the video on how to make this amazing bread!

then go to part 2 of the video here:

It only took me 7 minutes to prepare this bread!! No kidding! So easy, and it worked. It actually worked in my kitchen-aid like a charm. Normally I end up adding like 10 cups of flour just to make it not sticky...and this worked!!! TRY IT!!!!!!!

Pretty much anything from Crystal from this site, is amazing! I love learning how to make her Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls! They were fan-friggin-tastic!

Well, ta ta for now folks, I'm off to put my bread in the oven.

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