Friday, June 26, 2009

My trip to far.

I'm here in Cardston for a few days. I came down to help with the monthly bake sale me and the sisters have together to help earn our way to Vegas in October. So far, we've earned $760 from the 3 bake sales we've had. Not bad for selling cookies and pies! Thank you Cardston for having a sweet tooth. During this particular bake sale, we decided that our kids weren't the best entertainers for the customers. I took them on an adventure around Cardston instead. While the sisters were selling baked goods at the Farmer's Market, I took 3 kids down the "big hill" in Cardston, we walked to Lion's Park, and played for a bit.

Cousin Will just posing for the camera.

Again, smiling for the camera.

Smiling with a Cheesy poof.

Evidence of the cheesy poof smile, and child abuse. Can you spot the bruises and broken nose? He was a bad bad boy this week. JK, he knows that he shouldn't head butt his cousin for fun, because that = NO FUN.

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside. I woke up early to work out, and then we drove out to Waterton area to clean a brand new house. Check it out.

I love living in the city, but nothing really beats cooking in this HUGE LOG CABIN...this was just the middle floor. There is a loft, AND a huge 1st floor. This is a cabin my Uncle built, and we were doing the dust/leftover crap from building, clean up.

I also love being able to see a scene from "Wild America" play out in my front yard.

All of THIS for a the basement low price of one millioni dollars.

Someone sure is lucky out there to have this as their summer cabin!

I'll be posting more as I go...but here is what the first 2 days have been like.


Amber said...

Wow, that is a GORGEOUS house. I agree, whoever gets that place as their cabin will be very, very lucky.

Debbi said...

That house is AWESOME!