Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wii has been put away for the summer!

Can you believe it, its actually summertime?!!! Yes, its true. I am outside planting, watering my lawn, filling up the kiddie pool, weeding and teaching Anthony how to ride his bike (he's had for 2 years and has NEVER taken it for a ride) For this purpose, have I turned off the Wii for the summer. What a great decision! Summertime is the best time to be a kid. They should be out chasing ice cream trucks, going to the park, climbing trees, jumping on a trampoline, eating a freezee or slurpee, camping etc. I want my kids to have a normal childhood.

So I'm going to be working out a daily fun schedule for the kids.

This weekend I'm going down to Lethbridge/Coaldale to visit my sister. I'm so excited about it. We are going fishing! I bought my first fishing license (thanks, Walmart) and I am bringing my brand new fishing rod and reel I got last summer. YAY!!! Maybe that will make a good blog entry, but for now, I'm just excited about it.

For the last week, I've been doing a workout program called Slim in 6. So far so good. I'm really not impressed with my regression of weightloss. I've gained 5-10lbs back since I've started my weightloss journey after Lliam was born. AH! Not cool!! I'm on the 2nd phase of the workouts, no they are getting longer and harder, and incorporating weight lifting...yay my favorite part! I've had success with it before, I lost 8 lbs in the 6 week program. So I'm hoping for a similar effect. Its mostly a leg-blasting workout, and that's a huge problem area for me. If I see some spectacular results, I'll even post before and after photos. My before pictures actually scare me. I am in such denial that my body has gotten THAT outta shape, and fat. Oh dear.

I took Anthony to the park yesterday, and helped him learn how to ride his bike. When we got to the park, we were the only ones there, and we decided to play "chase me" game. We chase each other all over the playground. Only, the difference is, that I can barely move with agility anymore. I can't even hang on the monkey bars for 5 seconds, let alone move along the bars.
Its going to be a long process...but entirely worth it.

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