Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday's lesson: What NOT to do.

So the plague has eaten this family alive! We've all endured the 24 hr bug (the kind where you are taking a puke bucket to the toilet if you catch my drift). NOT FUN. Friday I was told not to come into work, lest I should spread this bug to my co-workers. So Friday was a little off for me.

Here goes.

I'm really trying to be a better person, quicker to forgive, slower to be angered, and trying to use my 'spidey senses' more to help me with daily decisions. Well, my day was already a little 'off' from not being at work. I was on the phone all morning trying to organize a family dinner, fold laundry, play with/entertain Lliam, and then it dawned on me. 11:29am!!! !!! !!! I forgot to pick up Anthony from school at 11:25am! SHOOT. I look down and realize I'm wearing jogging pants, a painting shirt, wet hair (as I just got out of the shower). I look outside where Lance and Miranda are loading up the truck to take a load to the dump. Nope. Can't ask them to get Anthony for me. Its got to me me! So in a rush, I slid on some massive winter boots (its not even winter anymore) and glanced at my purse (thinking to myself, oh geez, its too much work to lug that thing, I'm already late!) and grabbed keys and ran out the door.

I jumped into the van, and sped away. About 1 block down the road, there was a cop sitting there. Waiting...stalking his prey. Oh shoot. I WAS his prey!

His lights go on, and he flips a U-ey so he can pull me over. I thought to myself, "Did I forget to fully stop at the 3-way stop?" "Was I speeding?" "Did he notice my blinker wasn't actually working?" What was it?

So the female officer walked to my window, and we did the 'uncomfortable hello'. *hang my head in shame*

Me: Hello
Female Officer: Hi, there, we noticed that you weren't wearing your seatbelt.
Me: Oh, crap! You're right. Sorry, I was in a hurry trying to pick up my son from Kindergarten, and I'm terribly late as IS!
Female Officer: Oh, I see. Can I see your license and registration please?
Me: Um, shoot.
Female Officer: What's the matter?
Me: You see, I was in a SUPER flustered hurry trying to leave the house, and I forgot my purse...*she cut me off*
Female Officer: Oh that's fine, just let me see your license and registration.

um...did she not understand that my LICENSE was in my wallet in my purse? probably not.
Me: My purse is a block away, at my house.

......blah blah blah

I also realized that having my cell phone with me would have been nice too...that school calls you every 1 minute you are late! I could have done something as I'm stranded 1 block from the elementary school! So. No cell phone, no wallet, no purse, no seatbelt. Just stuck. I'm more panicking about Anthony just crying that no one has picked him up. I just wanted them to hurry up and write me a ticket so I could be on my way!


Female Officer: Can I see your proof of insurance please?
Me: Oh sure. Here.
Female Officer: This has expired, these are only temporary insurance papers, where are your permanent ones?
Me: Oh shoot, probably with my purse (PROCRASTINATOR!!! - need to actually put them IN the van for that to work)
Female Officer: I see. Well, stay in the vehicle, and we'll be right back.

30 whole minutes later, they waltz back to the van. YES 30 mintues! My poor kid!!! They hand me 2 tickets. One for not wearing a seatbelt. $115 And the second one for not having my ID with me $172 With a bonus lecture of "IF you are going to leave your ID at home, for heavens sake, don't give us an excuse to pull you over. Wear your seatbelt." Of course what hurt the most, was that she was right... Lovely day indeed! So as I'm finally let go, Jos drives by with his car (the school got a hold of him, and he went to pick up Anthony, wondering where the "H" his wife went!) Oh, his question was answered as soon as he knew the pulled over, crying sobbing mess was actually his wife! We both were there to pick up Anthony, almost 40 minutes later.

I feel sick.
I've gained 5 lbs,
I can actually go and work out now that my hip isn't disinigrating into powder.

what the heck is wrong with me.

Happy pills anyone?


Amber said...

Ouch. That does NOT sound like a good day. I was stuck in snow-related traffic one day picking my daughter up from daycare, and I remember the tick-tick-tick. AWFUL. That's really the worst part, is knowing your kid needs you and you can't be there for them.

Marci said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is horrible!! I hate how officers purposely take their time just to waste yours and make you incredibly MORE late. Awww, poor little Anthony. Don't worry though; you are an excellent mama and one little slip of the mind is normal and natural. Helped to teach Anthony patience skills too! :)
Love you!

Naomi said...

That really SUCKS! Too bad the officer wasn't listening to what you were saying and could have maybe sped it up a bit. And two tickets! I think I would have gone back home and crawled back into bed. Hope this week brings more luck for you! :)