Thursday, March 11, 2010

I think I should blog...but about what?

I know I know. You miss me. Its true, I've been a smidge busy. What can I say? What about you? Busy? Anything new? No? Yeah...just read up, or just look at the pictures, and you'll be all caught up.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jos and I took the missionaries in our ward to the Cardston Temple. It was the first time we went together, as a couple in more than 5 years. It was such a great experience. I was there to witness my Aunt Wendy's first time working in the temple! There were so many firsts that day, but that stuff is saved for my paper journal.

We have been kept busy by our dogs. We have a few new members of the household, Miranda, and Ozzy. Miranda is a new memeber of the church that is living here with us, she takes care of the kids on the days I work, and we let her see what its like to live in an LDS home. Miranda has joined our family, our animal household has almost doubled! She owns a HUMUNGOUS Border Collie/Lab mix breed dog. He's a great dog (when he isn't scaring the neighbors by barking, and jumping over our fence into their yard). Ozzy can do a few tricks. I'll make a video of Toby's Tricks my next post.

Ozzy CANNOT fit into Toby's dog bed!

Here is Lance, Ozzy and Toby getting all snuggly.

Just last weekend, I reaped the benefits of the gorgeous spring weather we've been having. I went out to the ranch with Miranda, and we went to ride!

Nana Wendy givin' us a smile.

Miranda just givin' her girl, Peek-A-Boo, pre-ride before I get on her.

This was appearantly was before Kaitlyn fell off at full speed. Look at that nice clean hoodie (or as Miranda calls it, a bunnyhug)

Kaitlyn just about to go for her ride

My older brother has welcomed a new child into this world. Please welcome Treston Daniel Bale Morisson

Then last sunday I sang my first a Relief Society production of "the parable of the 10 virgins.

The video of my first solo available upon request.

And last but not least....

The most hilarious thing I've ever recorded! Please please just ignore the moment where my 5 yr olds' boy bits are showing. Just keep your eyes at eye level, as I'm not sure how to make a sensor dot.
He's singing the Phantom of the Opera...and I just had to tape what he was singing...and this is what happened.


oh, and I don't need hip replacement surgery. Good news.

I have perfect hips. Good news.

I am still in pain. Bad news.

I have 2 slipped discs (S2, L5) Bad news.

the pain can be healed by massage therapy. Not sure if its good or bad. If I get a "Helga masseuse - you know the type" BAD NEWS. If it get a hot, er I mean well trained guy, GOOD NEWS.

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Naomi said...

So glad you don't need hip replacement. That would have really sucked! Hope your pain goes away soon. OK, the video of Anthony singing is hilarious! He has some serious STAR potential! :)