Monday, March 22, 2010

March weekend stuff.

This weekend was quite a blur. Here's the blog.

Well, I'll start my weekend talking about Thursday. Normally we have girls night that night. Our GV's got together to watch "Up in the Air" with George Clooney. As crappy and total waste of 1-1/2 hrs of my life as this movie was, I totally didn't mind staring into George's eyes for that long either. I'm no movie critic, but this movie was so boring, and had no meaning to me. Its rather bothered me that I've found nothing in this movie. Normally I can pick something out. But a movie about a lonely man, who travels so often for his work (he fires people for a living), that he actually prides himself of not being at home 340 days of the year. Meh, George, you're hot.

We all giggled outside the theater for about an hour, and then realized, that the cold weather was going to rain on our gigglefest, so we took the laughs/stories/crazy stuff to Denny's for some hot chocolate. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Hot chocolate comes in refills there? Whipped topping...oh the toppings. So yummo. We stayed out until well after midnight, I left at 3am, and the other girls stayed out til 5 or 5:30am!! Crazy girls! I sure loved it, and seeing Debbi again was super great! I sure missed her. Mwah!

The morning came early for me, as I had to pack and get the kids ready for a trip to Lethbridge/Coaldale for the weekend.

Surprisingly, my tiredness wasn't so bad. I made it though the day, and picked up Anthony from school, and off we went. The visit with my sister was pretty ok. I was sporting a HUGE HUGE HUGE headache, so the nausea was pretty intense, but we managed to have a good time. We giggled, and ate hot dogs and her amazing cookies. Oh *drool* the cookies...she sure can make a wicked batch of Toblerone Cookies!

Saturday was a little long. It started with a trip to Walmart to gather a few things, including a mock wedding ring. I LOST MY WEDDING RING about a month ago. I have no clue where its run off to! Seriously, its gone. I'm sad. So I bought a $9.97 special from Walmart's Jewelry rack. Its a pretty ring with a HUGE stone, its already turning my finger green. Oh the joys of fakeness.

Then I met my girlfriends Louise and Tara at the McDonald's playplace in Lethbridge. Oh WOW, the headache did NOT go away after that. Full on Migraine. I took 8 Ultra Strength Tylenol and 2 Liquid Advils, and NOTHING. WOW...crazyness!

Lliam at the McDonald's Play place.

Later on, I met up with my other sister, Kennedy at her house on the west side. The kids played, drew on the walls, and I was still trying to fight my headache. argh. I was taking care of Kennedy's kids while her and my mother ran the "Moonlight Run" again this year. I ran it last year. I was so proud of them!

Anthony and Will just chillin' before the Moonlight run

Sunday was sick day for everyone. Poor Katherine, 31 weeks pregnant, and barfing her face off. I felt so bad for her. I was in charge of baking the birthday Angel Food cake for the birthday family dinner in Nanton that day. It turned out so well, that is, until I took it out of the oven, and it fell. So I baked another at Dad's and it turned out wonderful!!! Happy Birthday DJ, and Katherine!


Amber said...

I have never had a Toblerone Cookie, and I suddenly feel that my life is the poorer for it. Must track one down, ASAP!

Naomi said...

Oooooh, those Toblerlone cookies sound so yummy. I've done a toblerone cheesecake before and well I'm sure the cookie is also delish! Sounds like a busy weekend! I'm getting so old I can't even handle staying up past 11pm! Pretty sad!

Tara said...

It sure was a fun time but you're right the headache did NOT go away. I was exhausted after that.

Oh and i need that recipe for toblerone cookies