Friday, March 26, 2010

Question of the day?

Is there anything worse in life than having a diarreah dog spurt all over the house?


Maybe the Halocaust, or bending my own finger nail back.

I'm sorry for feeding those dogs leftovers.

Miranda, I will forever be sorry and gratefull that you cleaned up that whopper this morning.


Anonymous said...

Ew! Yes, there are things that are worse, but not a whole lot of them. It sounds like Miranda is a superstar!

Naomi said...

Really?! That is disgusting. That's when I would just throw in the towel and walk away. Or maybe run away! Good thing it's the weekend!

Miranda said...

Oh yes it sure was a poopy day indeed. First the dog this morning! Me being woken up after a long work night to Anthony screaming for help since the dog was pooing on the carpet. Then Lliam digging around in the litter box trying to eat it that was fun... and at the same time revealing that he has massive poo syndrome and had poop spread all up his back and squirting out his diaper all over his clothes so definite wardrobe change. And to top it all off I was not able to do have fun downtown with the guys cause i did not have a carseat in my car to take Lliam altogether it was a poop day =( still a few hours left hopefully it will get cleaner lol

Debbie Jo said...

*hang my head in shame*

Lets hope I can make it up to you by a trip to the ranch soon!