Friday, December 12, 2008

The Doghouse

Thanks Bobbi, this video was hilarious!

The Doghouse video

My new neighbors are moving out again!!! I really liked them compared to the last set of retards that moved in next door. These people must have been some Mediterranean students, and partied just as hard as the last set of neighbors, but instead of rap crap it was POLKA and hardcore Med music! Just as bad, and they sang, and clapped, and bounced ALL night. Jos was there the night before asking them to turn the music down. Another party the very next time, Jos went to knock on their door to tell them that past 11pm is a little late to be pounding the music. Jos knocked and knocked and knocked....he went to pounding, and then KICKING the door. When the same guy that answered the door last night finally answered the door, he thought he was the pizza guy. They just couldn't understand why the pizza guy was asking them to turn the music down. Yeah, heeeere's your sign!

Pleeease can I have some decent neighbors. Maybe a small family? Maybe a mute/deaf grandma! The landlord even lowered the rent! Check it out!

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Life as a Kenessey said...

Hey Debbie,
Their last name is Lewis and go to to do the Candy's so much fun and such a cute alternative to the gingerbread house!!! We did them for our super saturday and now we are going to do one every year as a family!!!