Friday, December 5, 2008

A week at Grammy's

Wow, it has been far too long in between my posts. I'm really not slacking. I have a bunch of updates and pictures in this post. I'm just trying to make it all worth your while. :D
I have been MIA and down here in Cardston where my mother lives.
Here's how my week went.
I drove down last monday, and am here just to have some down time. A little relaxation. A little R&R, you get the picture. The drive down was EXTREMLY windy and a +17 degrees (for my American friends, that converts to 62.6 degrees F) I think that's pretty mild for up here in the Great White North. It didn't last very long, as we got a dump of snow the next morning. When I drove into town, I stopped by the Floral shop my mom works at. She needed a hand with doing a few vases, and arrangements, so I offered to help. From what I thought was an hour helping out, when to 5 hours of helping with my 2 kids underfoot. I haven't sold a floral arrangement in about 14 years! Yeah, now I sound like an old person. It sure brought back a lot of fun memories of my family owning a flower shop. I loved it! I went out to dinner with my mom to try some new "under new management" restaraunt here in Cardston. Its owned by a Guatemalan family, and I their cuisine sounded lovely. So I tried one of their signature dishes.!!!!! I really try not to let my food snob in me come out and play, but it was tasteless, spiceless and downright blah! Remind me not to go their anymore and try their Guatemalan food, but their Native Indian food was excellent. LOL We got home, and decided to work off our dinner by working out. We did a 20 min circuit, and some ab routines, and we did some aerobics (ie. we exercised to my mom's old 1987 TV series she starred in and we mostly laughed the whole way through) for another 20 min. After that, I helped out my mom by putting together over 100 goodie bags from Santa for her ward's christmas party. Lliam helped by looking cute.
Wow, what a day. Last night I had some pretty scary dreams. So scary that it left me tense all night. I woke up with a migraine. This migraine was pretty bad in that NO amount of drugs were stopping it AND I was throwing up all morning. I felt sick and throbbing. I was planning on visiting my sister in Lethbridge and her new baby boy (Jack), but I couldn't even get off the couch! What a bummer. Most of my day was spent trying not to throw up anymore, and take care of the kids. I ended up feeling well enough by the end of the day to go to mom's ward christmas party.

This is my crazy mother, and my step-dad Charlie. They are so in love, and its so sweet to see.

The gym was packed, there were about 300 people there for the food. We barely got a seat for the 4 of us! The food was ok, and Lliam had a really great time snuggling up to Grandpa Charlie. My kids just love this man. He's SUPER tall, and more like a friendly giant. So I guess they see him like a superhero-type.

Yes, I'm a goof. I can actually fit Lliam's toque on my head!
Congratulations to Jos and me. We are now proud "approved for a mortgage" people! What a relief. A huge stress bomb has been diffused. Now that that has happened, I feel like I can get more into the Christmas spirit. Today, mom and I took my boys out to Lethbridge to see Kennedy and baby Jack. Boy, that kid is so small compared to Lliam now. He looks a lot like Will did, just a different nose is all. It was so good to see my sisters.
We had some pretty wild conversaion. I loved every second of it! It really reminded me of an 8GV night *wink*. Lliam tried his first real food today. Sweet Potatoes...poor kid. He did excellent. He's growing up so fast and no rolling from front to back, and back to front. Mom and I tend to have a lot of talks about the past. Mostly about my childhood, and memories. I think she really is trying to let go most of her bad memories with my dad, and I'm trying to let them go as well. I think I've come a long way. I've had a really good childhood, and I have a terrific family. Now that I'm well on my way of starting my own family, I can take the thinkgs that I've learned from mom and dad, and be the best version of myself. I've forgiven dad and the things he did in the past, as well as mom. Its such a healing experience.
I was planning on going back to Calgary today, but turns out, there are some things I need to sign while I'm still here in Cardston. So I'm sticking it out here until then. I haven't been eating very smart lately. I've been snacking a lot more than I do than when I'm at home. I don't buy snacks at home. But mom does, and when she's gone during the day...I go for it! ARGH. Bad me! I DID manage to crack out a 30 mion weight train. I still need to buckle down if I want to see more weight come off. I'm really starting to miss my husband, and my home. I miss my daily routines and life. I'll be looking forward to getting home after the paperwork is signed. I went to visit my grandmother (Jensen) for the afternoon.
I love that woman! She was just in the middle of decorating her house christmas. So that means, Anthony was not allowed to TOUCH ANYTHING!!! Its hard for a 4 yr old to entertain themselves in a "DO not disturb the trinkets" house. Oh well. We still had a great time, and great conversation. Later that night, we had some fun stuffing Lliam in a HUGE box. Can you say bored in Cardston?
Not much has happend today. Its still cold outside, and the roads look like an icerink. I'm glad I'm not out today driving around. It was a relaxing day in the house. Mom went to work today, so it was extra quiet. I went out and visited a friend in Magrath. Our kids played while we caught up on some good times. I love her, and wish her the best. I came home, worked out with some Slim in 6. I got my butt kicked. Again. Now I'm here at 10:16pm, trying to finish what I started this morning. My blog.

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ijason said...

In that picture, with his bib on backwards, Lliam looks like he's wearing a cape. Super Baby!

Can I assume that's the new shirt you were telling me about? That you're cleverly using Lliam's head to hide from the camera?

Oh, and I miss you too.