Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm home!

After 10 days of being down in Cardston visiting my mom, it was time for me to come home. I got a lot accomplished. I signed paperwork for our mortgage, I cleaned, vacuumed, nursed myself and children back to health, helped my mother with her sewing and floral arrangments, and preparing food. WOAH, I'm tired. I gained 2-5 lbs while being there, and worked out 6 of those 10 days. I'm a snacker when I'm there! It sucks. I'm starting again tonight with my hardcore workout regime I was JUST starting. I hate taking 2 steps back, but at least I'm still plugging ahead.

Lliam has gained about 2 lbs since I've been at mom's, and that is spectacular! He really needed to gain weight, as the nurses were concerned he LOST weight at his last weigh in. He's on to solid food, and LOVES every bite of it. I make mine from scratch. Yeah yeah, I'm a suzie home maker! LOL I just want him to eat healthy, and I KNOW what goes into my babyfood. Lliam is also rolling from back to front and front to back. He's mobile, and rolls to get to where he wants to go. Its so cute.

Not much to write about right now. I'm still getting used to being at my own house right now. I caught up on a view of my shows while I was away.

I feel blah. I'm out.


juliette pouwer said...

seriously girl, if you'd stay home and I had an extra minute one of these days we'd get to see each other :D

Debbie Jo said...

Yeah, if I'd only stay home. I was so bored at home before I left, and bored after the 10 days of being down there....I think I just need to have some girl time soon. I miss girls. I'm stuck with boys all day!