Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1cm down, 9 more to go

Yesterday was eventful. I was having contractions all day, pretty steady. Then they'd just drop off, and nothing for about 2 or 3 hours, then they'd start up again, be pretty steady...then drop. I tell ya! I'm done! I've tried almost everything to get things goin' and move it along, but to no avail. It sucks. Knowing you are *this* close, and still nothing. I have been feeling pretty good today. No contractions at all. I went to see the doctor and the nurse said my cervix was thin, and I was 1cm dilated already. Nice....an improvement. I didn't gain any weight this week from last....fewf! So for a grand total of 13 lbs gained for this pregnancy is pretty nice I'd say.

I just wish things would just move along. I really want to meet my little person! I guess I should just relax, let things happen, and be grateful that I'm getting as much sleep as I am right now. Things will be different in a few days, and I can't ever get these times back.

Sometimes writting through my frustrations really helps my crazy rantings! Seriously, I can feel a difference on how I have been writting.

My last day of work is on thursday! YAY no more COLE INTERNATIONAL! I know I will be missed. Its nice to know that you are one of THE best people they've had. I've been told so on numerous occassions. Its just one of those things that make you feel special, and needed. Stay-at-home motherhood is something that I've been looking forward to for years, and I hope I can take on this new role smoothly, and with much energy. I'll need it.

Here's a fat belly picture to gawk at.

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Bobbi-Jo said...

Hi Debbie~

So glad you posted that massive preggo belly. It's a great form of birth control for me. LOL!

I hope things happen for you soon. I remember being there :)