Friday, May 23, 2008

A hard passing

Well, its been a rough week. It didn't end very well. My grandmother (my mother's mother) has passed away today. I wish I had a pic to post here, and I'm sure I'll find one somewhere. She was a very elegant lady, mink coats, diamond earings, crystal chandelier type. She loved her family very much. She lost her husband 10 years ago, and had been barely holding on to life since then. So needless to say its been a hard 10 years of slow death, by not eating, sleeping and falling down whenever she could.

Mom raced outta the house here at 6:30pm to speed down to Cardston to say goodbye to her mother at 10:00pm (when she passed). I can't help compounding my guilt here. Mom dropped everything in Cardston to be with me and help me have the baby (If she was still in Cardston, she'd make sure her mother was eating and staying healthy, or even just spending more time with her before her inevitiable passing) and still no baby, and she only had like an hour to be with her mother before she passed away.

I hate funerals, they make me so uncomfortable. I hate death, its not something I can control. I hope I have the baby before the funeral, because I can't really do much travelling in the condition I"m in.

The one thing that is bringing me peace is that Grandma is now with Grandpa again. I'm sure it was quite the reunion.

Rest in peace Grandma Schaffer.

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Debbi said...

oh, sweetie. I'm sorry about the passing of your gramma on such a happy day of the birth of Liam. (I realize they're a day apart, but once taints the other in a bit). Isn't this such a great vision of one life starting and one eternity starting? How miraculous to be part of both so close together!
get some sleep. See you soon.