Monday, May 19, 2008

A May Long Hike

I figured we'd spend the day as a family trying to expand the family (ie, bringing the labor on) by taking a family hike to Nose Hill Park. Anthony was less than enthused, and I was VERY uncomfortable, but we all managed, and actually had a great time. At the very begining AJ was pretty excited....see below picture of him running ahead of me. Yeah, he's that little grey blob in the distance....That sorta changed quickly.

Anthony sorta boobed out by the middle, and wanted to be carried. It being his first hike, I didn't think he did too bad. We made him walk on his own until we were ready to turn around and head back. This is his boob face he likes to make for me and daddy.

Anthony must have been sitting on something prickly in that photo. LOL

I hope we get some action soon. LOL I'm gettig really puffy! The 19th has always held a special place in our's hopin' I get some action tonight. Read into that ALL you like!! Enjoy my video as well....its of AJ thinking he's run to the finish line....he saw the orange fencing, thinking it was the finish line of our hike.

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