Saturday, May 17, 2008

No baby yet....

Well, for those of you who are caring to keep track of my insane last few weeks of pregnancy, I am NOT, repeat, NOT in labor. Baby just wants to stay in there forever!! Not sure why though. I'm hot. I'm cranky. I'm loud. It sucks. I've really tried not to be the complainy pregnant lady, but these last few weeks have forced me into it! OKOK, its really not that bad. I've had such smooth sailing up til now, and this is just a killer. The heat is bad in our house, and the portable A/C unit we want to buy is on back order until the middle of June....after the baby is born. So I'll have to deal with cold baths and puffy fingers.

Everyone in my household is sick. Jos has been fighting and losing the battle with his sinuses. Spring time does that to people I hear...but who knows. Anthony has the "sniffies" as he calls it, and I'm, well....not sleeping, so that makes me cranky. Our next door neighbors had a may long party last night, and it went until around 5am. At 4:30am, was when they decided to have a screaming/fighting match, complete with slamming doors etc. It was hard to get back to sleep after an adrenaline rush like that. I want my old neighbors back. They at least only fought once a month!

We bought a hose and a sprinkler today, and Anthony just loooved trying it out. What a funny kid. I just love my boys.

I'm counting down the days when my girlfriend Robyn shows us her baby belly pictures! She's having a girl, and I'm absolutely inside out happy for her!!!! I miss my friends from BC, and I really want to make a road trip out there and say hi to whoever is still left.

Nothing else is new, I'm enjoying being home now, and not having to go to work. Now I can clean the house, (HAHA like its getting done right now, its too hot to clean) and prepare more for baby.

I'll keep this thing updated when I'm leaving for the hospital.

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Debbi said...

you're funny-
you've ALWAYS been hot. You've ALWAYS been cranky and you've ALWAYS been loud! How has pregnancy changed that? :P Love you Djo! lol

Hey, if you go into labour especially this weekend, and I'm not home, try Chris' cell phone- 869-4363. We'd likely be out together.