Thursday, May 8, 2008

Post Number Two

Not much to report here on day two of my blogging. I'm not quite "into" it yet, and not very creative, but I'm sure I'll get there and have tons to say and show off. LOL yeah right.

Today felt very unproductive. We all slept in, from staying out pretty late the night before at Debbi's. It was so worth it though. I was really glad to be there for her. Work is so slow, and I have nothing to do most of the day, but surf the internet.

I went to see the doc yesterday, and he's confirmed that I'm actually a week a head of schedule, and that he's planning on "stripping membranes" this coming tuesday. I've read online that this can either get things really movin' or nothing at all. I don't really care at this point, as long as this baby isn't 10 lbs!!

I have to get my house clean and organized before any of the baby craziness happens and I feel so overwhelmed with what I need to get accomplished. I'm tired at the end of the day, I'm trying to keep Anthony better, I'm constantly finding dead fish in the fish tank (By the way, thank you to Jos, who fishes them out for me and takes care of the dead ones). I think that if my belly wasn't in the way, I'd actually get more things done.

Almost over right?

I'm typing as I have Anthony sleeping next to me in my bed. I really don't allow kids to sleep with me, but he's just not breaking his fever, and I want to make sure that he'll be ok through the night. I want him to get better. No one wants to deal with a sick kid AND a newborn. Crazy talk that is.

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Mike Peterson said...

That's nice that you are ahead of schedule, but not so nice that the baby might be huge. Good luck with getting everything ready and hopefully Anthony gets well soon.