Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Saturday of cleaning before baby comes

I spent most of today srubbing walls and mopping floors, and vacuuming! Anthony was such a great help. He loves to be involved with whatever mommy is doing. I feel pretty accomplished, but I know there is a ton of cleaning to be done. At least the walls are washed, and the kitchen and bathroom floors are mopped. I'm getting pretty excited about baby, that may or may not come next week. I'm so tired, but I'm ready. I'm not really thrilled about the labor and delivery, just bringing home baby is what I'm thrilled about most.

We are going out as a family to the wave pool. I love the pool, but I hate the waves. I hate the screaming that happens EVERY time!!! Seriously kids, the waves come every 20 minutes, and its the same every you need to scream? Anywho, Anthony loves the hot tub and the big waterslide. I think I might walk the mile up the steps and give it a try today. Who knows, maybe that will bring on baby. LOL

I posted pictures on my facebook of my baby shower that Cole International thew for me. So if anybody who is reading this will find pics there, as I'm not too familiar with posting pictures here yet. Just gimme a little bit, and I'll get there.

I'm feeling pretty weird today, not sick, just weird. Well see if its just the excitedness of baby, or if it actually is baby time. Here's wishful thinking.

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