Friday, May 23, 2008

Still Pregnant

I know this thing doesn't last forever...I really don't want to post this, but so many people are wondering...I'm still pregnant! I will post when I've given birth w/ pictures and everything.

I feel depressed, and want to cry all day long.

I think this kid either hates me, and trying to punish me.
This kid loves me and wants to stay in there as much as possible.
Or Heavenly Father just wants to keep him a little longer up there because he so special.

All I know is that I'm still pregnant, and sad, and tired, and tired of all this guilt. Guilt that my mother sped all the way up here to help out with the baby, guilty that my sweetest girlfriend is watching Anthony for me, while we "think" we are in labor. I think she's got enough on her plate, like I need to add to it. The least I can do is produce a baby.

I'm bawling as I right this, I'm too emotional to finish.


M said...

awwww Djo!! Don't be upset! The people that are helping you at this time in your life are understanding and love you soo soo soo much! Just take it day by day--or even hour by hour and prepare in every way you can for this little spirit to come! He'll come when he's supposed to. I love you!


Debbi said...

you're a goof. Anthony loves it here. And he's a sweetie, so really, it's no sweat off my nose! You'd do it for me!

Speaking of posting pictures of the newborn-- I hope your mom brought her camera because yours is here in the bag of AJ's stuff! Hope it's not needed!!!!!