Friday, May 30, 2008

Settling in...

Well, its been 6 days since Lliam has joined our family. It has definately been a different (read: easier and better) experience! He's taken to nursing quite well, and I am too if I do say so myself. I was bound and determined to soley and exclusively breastfeed Lliam. How rewarding it is!!! The bonding has been super. With Anthony, I didn't really know what I was doing, I had no support, and I ended up getting a bad case of Post Partum Depression. I am so grateful that I am blessed with a super baby and a great little man to help me out at home. I would have like 10 kids if they were all this great! Anthony is adjusting as well as he can. He doesn't really like other people holding Lliam..."Don't take the baby" or "Give him back to Mommy!!" are his reactions to people taking Lliam from me.

I went into the office today to introduce Lliam to everyone. We heard lots of cooing and congrats. I met a friend and mom for Vietnamese for lunch. Mmmmm noodles!

Nothing really new is happening in our house, other than new babyness etc. Jos and I bought a Wii, and Anthony has continually beat us in bowling! Quite fun being beaten by a 3 yr old! I figure that if I really get into the Wii, I can lose some more weight and gain some of my muscle back. It was sad to realize that I lost a ton of muscle weight with this pregnancy. I will be buying some handweights tomorrow so I can start my toning routine.

I can't wait to start losing the flab. I feel like a squishy milk cow right now. Oh well, the sacrifices we make as mothers to bring children into this world. Its all worth it!

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