Wednesday, May 7, 2008

From the sick bed - my first post

Today is a day that most people look forward to, their own birthday. Though I am still excited that I survived until my 30th Birthday, I just wish I could have stayed 29. Many friends have told me that their 30's were the most monumental, as they were wiser and more mature. I'd like to think that there are many parts of me that will never grow up. Maybe I just need to take this sleep day I'm taking from work, and just reflect how I can stop complaining that I actually AM as old as I say I am. Ok, rephrasing....30 is not old....per my friends and family. I just need to keep saying that to myself.

Baby appt today, so I'm looking forward to doc telling me that I'll have a smooth and fast labor and delivery. Right? Right?

Tonight is also my sweetest girlfriend Debbi's TV debut! Yes, if any of you who know about my blog I started like 10 minutes ago, should tune in tonight @6pm on Slice. Good times.

Well here you have it folks, my first blog!


Marci & Andrew said...

Welcome to blogspot! Can't wait to see/read/hear more from the Willard home. :)


Mike Peterson said...

Nice work on the blog. It will be nice to see pictures and hear what you guys are up to. Wait, isn't that what Facebook is for?

Debbi said...

LOL you're hilarious.

can't wait to read all your juice now that you're in your dirty thirties. lol